With upcoming applications of 3D printing in fashion and the rise in the popularity of nail art, NEO NAIL TECH was founded to bridge these two trends.

NEO NAIL TECH is one of the first companies in the world to be producing exclusive 3D Printed Nail Jewelry, which we call Neo Nails and Neo Jewelry. It made its introduction on the catwalks of Amsterdam and New York Fashion Week and in Vogue Magazine.

NEO NAIL TECH is stimulating self-expression and flexibility by allowing you to choose when to stand out with eye-catching nails. This, by introducing nail art as an accessory and as an extension to fashion that can be taken on and off whenever desired and can be perfectly matched with any outfit.

NEO NAIL TECH is giving new meaning to nail art by making nail design instead of decoration, in which the collections are inspired by futurism, geometrical shapes and symmetry.

The aim is to empower women, in a futuristic and fashionable way, through evolving technologies, such as 3D Printing. NEO NAIL TECH contributes to the 3D printing revolution by approaching it from a fashion forward perspective.


About the founder

Jaleesa van Beek is the founder of NEO NAIL TECH. During her studies in Health Sciences she came in contact with the possibilities of 3D printing. She got really inspired by innovation, bionics and evolving technologies.

Next to her studies, she worked part-time as a make-up artist at several cosmetic departments. She was intrigued by the rapidly evolving cosmetic industry. Yet she believed there was still a lot of room for innovation in nail products.

After graduating at the age of twenty, she decided to combine her interest for innovation/science with her passion for beauty/fashion. She founded NEO NAIL TECH as a response to the growing nail art industry and emerging trend of the application of 3D printing in fashion.

With NEO NAIL TECH she made the finals in various entrepreneurial competitions, such as Tedx Startup Awards and Rabobank/ACE Entrepreneurs competition.

Jaleesa has made it her mission to make “tech” trendy for the generation of young women of today and tomorrow. This by applying technological innovations for fashionable purposes in a way that is stimulating women to enhance and express themselves.